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First of all, there are many great things about surrey, such as the restaurants, bars and many more exciting and entertaining features.
Whilst in surrey, why not come and check out the local farmers markers. They are a great way to buy local produce without burning a hole in your pocket. Other great things about farmer markets include, the food is always fresh and grown or made to the best possible standard.  Meanwhile, you always know where your food has come from, instead of buying from supermarkets that contain a lot of processed foods.

Whilst in surrey, and you love your history and heritage, visit Stane Street, the Roman Road which can be seen at Mickleham, meanwhile, you can also see the iron age fort at Holm bury Hill. This is a great place as it allows you to go back in time and learn history, culture, and heritage through the method of role-play. There is a role play experience which takes you back in time to see the signing of the great charter, the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215 or picnic amongst the early English monastic ruins at Waverley abbey.

Whilst in surrey, why not check out the nightlife. The night is constantly buzzing with laughter, happiness and fun. There are many pubs, clubs, restaurants that you and the family can go to. The choice of night-time entertainment in Surrey is forever increasing.
Whilst in surrey, why not check out the gardens. From formal gardens to dramatic open landscapes, you can take a stroll through centuries of horticultural history and garden styles. See spectacular displays of wonderful seasonal plantings and marvel at the colour and scent that nature brings us. Furthermore, you can discover rare plants and magnificent ancient trees.

Whilst in surrey, why not check out the cycling, its fun for all of the family. Surrey was made for cycling, with challenging off road mountain biking routes to gentle country lanes there is something for everybody.  The Surrey Hills provide wonderful landscapes to entice families and committed bikers alike. For families who want to cycle together, The Downs Link, a disused railway line makes a splendid off-road path offering the freedom of cycling without traffic.

Meanwhile, whilst in surrey, why not check out the home to some of the most terrifying thrill rides in the country. Thorpe park has many exciting thrill rides that all the family apart from young children under 12 can enjoy. And there is also clubs at night and hotels you can book for £8.50pp so you can have a night out to relax after a fun and crazy day out. Furthermore, Thorpe Park has recently had a new ride installed which is called ‘The Swarm’ for 2012.

Once you have decided upon the things you would like to do in this area of England, if you are not with a family or a group but would like some fabulous company then why not choose an amazing surrey escort from our Surrey escorts gallery.

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