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First of all, there are many great things about Scotland. Such as the restaurants, bars, all the activities and yet there are so much more great things to see and do whilst you are in Scotland.
 Whilst in Scotland explore a variety of attractions in Scotland and hear tales of kings and queens, see striking cliff-top castles and reveal science’s latest inventions. Whether you want to step onboard a Royal yacht in Leith, climb over 150 steps up St Rules Tower for views out across Fife or try your hand at keyhole surgery in Dundee, there are plenty of attractions in Scotland to fill the days, weeks and months of your trip.

If you want to stay overnight in Scotland, why not check out the New Lanark Mill Hotel and enjoy the peaceful riverside setting of this beautifully restored 18 century cotton mill. Guests can also make use of the excellent leisure facilities. Open to non-residents for a delicious lunch, early supper or dinner prepared using the finest local produce. Further accommodation options available include the comfortable and spacious self-catering Water houses, and the New Lanark Youth Hostels.

Meanwhile, whilst in Scotland why not enjoy exciting activities in Scotland on land, in the water and in the air. With a beautiful landscape filled with mountains, hills, lochs and rivers, Scotland is the perfect destination for a range of activities. From white water rafting to kayaking, archery to 4x4 driving, fishing to golf, there are a range of activities to suit everyone, whatever your skill or taste.
Scotland has some ancient and amazing history. From the stone circles that are scattered across Scotland’s islands, which are thought to date back 5,000 years, to the opening of the new Scottish Parliament in 1999, Scotland has a rich and colourful history. As you travel around Scotland, uncover stories of heroes, villains, fallen monarchs and bloody battles. Find out more about Scotland’s literary greats, trace back your family history and marvel at some truly breathtaking castles, monuments and architecture

If you love the water, why not come to Scotland to try all of the water sports that are available such as water skiing, surfing, you could take a trip on a boat or even participate in a fishing trip with some professional fishermen.
Scotland has so much variation. You could be surrounded by people in a town one minute, then travel a few miles out of the way and your completely alone with nothing but lush grass and see all around you

If you are looking for places to stay and you want to stay somewhere you have never stayed before, why not try some of the offers such as staying in a lighthouse, castles, and even churches. You can do all this in the company of a stunning escorts from Scotland. The Scottish escorts are extremely amenable and down to earth and you are sure to have the very best time together.

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