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Guide to Ireland for ideas on entertainment, dining and attractions in the area for you and the Irish escorts.


First of all, there are many great things about Ireland, such as the restaurants, activities, attractions and many more exciting, relaxing and entertaining features.
Ireland is known for its culture, arts and heritage, also that’s not all, Ireland has so much more to offer. Meanwhile the shopping in Ireland is insane, there is so many things in the shops that make you want to burn a hole in your pocket, rural arts and crafts centres will entice you to spend some money, so will some of the largest and most modern malls in Europe.

Meanwhile, whilst in Ireland, why not find out more about the history and heritage. Ireland has an abundance of history, such as castles, ancient monuments, Countless castles pepper Ireland’s landscape, some so crumbled and barren it’s clear they’ve stood for hundreds of winters.

Whilst in Ireland and you want to go out for a bite to eat but you don’t want the food to bite into your wallet or purse then follow all of the locals. They will know where to go for the cheap places such as, excellent farm-to-fork feasts in traditional pubs, to upscale burger joints. The cities of Belfast, Derry, Cork, Galway and Dublin, in particular, are buzzing with really innovative budget places to eat that don’t compromise on quality. And don’t forget about city farmer’s markets, as well as being brilliant places to wander and discover more about Ireland’s food culture, they also offer up a really broad and varied selection of things to eat, I'm talking drool worthy mini beef and Guinness pies, oysters and white wine, and excellent handmade Irish fudge.

Meanwhile, whilst in Ireland why not head down to the beach to participate in water-sports. You can learn to surf from trainers and coaches for improving technique and ability. You may be thinking, that surfing is for tropical or warmer countries, well let me tell you that even Irelands coasts get great Massive waves. The waves pick up speed as they travel across the Atlantic towards Scandinavia and crash against the Irish coast producing excellent surf in the south, west and north. The coastline also provides a great variation in the direction of breaks so it means you can find offshore surf in every wind direction. 

Whilst in Ireland, why not check out the Irish relaxing calm spas. There comes a time when honking horns, packed buses, shouty meetings and shoving crowds get that bit too much. And just before you make a very embarrassing scene in a very public place you realise that it's time for a break. Or if you do not like to just sit around and relax, and want a challenge or an active holiday, why not experience the ultimate adventure sport in Ireland and see the landscape from a totally unique angle with a hang gliding or paragliding lesson. Imagine  how much fun that would be with your chosen Irish escort beside you. Browse our escorts from Ireland gallery to find your perfect lady to spend time with during your time in Ireland.

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