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Guide to Berkshire for ideas on entertainment, dining and attractions in the area for you and the Berkshire escorts.

Berkshire is a more cultural place to visit, as it has many things to go sight seeing for. There are many things to do and see such as landmarks, historical sights, parks, gardens and nature and many more entertainment and sport facilities and venues.
Whilst you are in Berkshire, and landmarks and historical sights are your cup of tea, then make sure you check out St. George’s chapel. This spectacular chapel is an excellent example of late English architecture which was most skilfully built. You are allowed to attend services and once you are inside the chapel itself, then you see and hear it being used for the purpose of which it was intended. This purpose was to contain and amplify and magnify exquisite music. It does not matter if you are atheist, you are still given a warm welcome to come and hear this beautiful singing by a male only choir.

If parks are what you are after, then visit Berkshire as it is home to many beautiful, peaceful and relaxing parks, gardens and nature reserves. Windsor park is was mapped out in the 1360’s and it covers over 4,800 acres of land and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Herne the hunter. There are unlimited amounts of amazing photo opportunities on the long walk down the path through the middle of Great Park. Meanwhile it is a great chance to let the kids go running about over the lovely large green space all around.
If you are a more active person, then make sure you check out the local bowling alley, as it has very modern technology, amazing customer service and attentive staff. Also it has a great fun atmosphere, pool- tables and the games are easy to program.
If you love wildlife and want some entertainment, then make sure you check out the Beale Park. This magnificent park is a wildlife park, and a children’s play area, it is a great day out for all the family. Also in June they hold a boat show which is family friendly and entertaining. You can go on a fun and fascinating train ride around the park, where you get to see all the animals which are mainly farmyard animals such as ducks, other water-birds and some other exotic animals.

If you are family that lives on fun and excitement, then visit Lego-land, it is fun and excellent day out for all the family. The members of staff in the park are very attentive and helpful and the park toilets are thoroughly cleaned and tidied regularly. Lego-land is a great place to go with your kids to spend a super day. It has all kind of attractions and exhibitions with cater for children and parents alike. Lego constructions are amazing and you will wonder how built some of these characters and models.

You do not have to bring a whole family to enjoy everything Berkshire has to offer. Our Berkshire escorts can provide more fun than you can imagine for gentlemen who are staying in the area and you may find it much more preferable to any parks or attractions the area has to offer. Check out our Berkshire escorts gallery for some of the most beautiful escorts in Berkshire.


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